General medicine

Our veterinarians are doctors just like in human medicine. Accordingly, some exams are performed to make sure your pet is healthy. Some consultations may regard vaccines or pre-travel for example. On the other hand, some consultations may be related to finding the cause of symptoms you have noticed your pet experiencing.

Just like in regular medicine, our pets can present with diseases belonging to internal medicine, that is, respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, digestive, metabolic, hormonal, neurological diseases as well as other issues related to ophthalmology and dermatology. In order to diagnose most diseases, there is a need for diagnostic tools such as laboratory analysis, medical imaging, and others which are offered at the Griffes in Town clinic. Treatments can be medical or surgical which is why we offer complete treatments at the clinic. Indeed, we have a pharmacy and an operating room on site at the clinic.

If hospitalization is necessary, it is of course offered on site as well.