Digital radiography

Radiography is the most available medical imaging technique in veterinary medicine. It is based on the emission and absorption of X-rays.

In routine, it remains the technique of choice for exploring thorax and bone structures. On the other hand, ultrasound is replacing it for the exploration of the abdomen, soft-tissue and/or superficial structures. So-called “cross-sectional” techniques such as MRI are replacing it for the evaluation of complex structures such as the skull, brain, spine, spinal cord, the joints, etc.

The clinic is equipped with a digital system using a flat panel sensor (DR) allowing rapid acquisition of images, their modification, multiple visualization, transfer and storage.

The realization of certain radiographic images (very painful animal, too uncomfortable position…. ) may require sedation or general anesthesia. If necessary, the animal can be kept under gas anesthesia in the radiology room.